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Well. you know what these are.



Super-Sized Summer Selfie
Jade and Ben had a great summer this year! What better way to celebrate another summer completed than with a selfie? Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges in any selfie is getting everyone in the photo... I guess Jade's bright smiling face makes a nice backdrop. Good work Ben.

Jade's also excited that she finally found a place my ongoing story called "Paraiso." She didn't seem to fit in the story at all until this summer. What is "Paraiso" you may ask? A super amazing story that all of my characters were created for. Ben, Jade, Kai, Caira, the whole lot. Oh, and some other characters I've been working on the designs of for a little while now. Maybe eventually I can share some of it with everyone.

Thank you all for the support! Hope your summers were great!

- Bongo
Hug a Giant Day - 2017
Turns out it's hug a giant day again... who came up with this? Oh well, I can't think of many more huggable giants than Jade. And it looks like this downtown area is getting in on the celebration too! Jade is happy to meet residents on the rooftops as she strolls through the city receiving lots-o hugs. Maybe some other giants are perusing other roads as well. They're all making their rounds through the streets.
A Big, A Balloon and Ben
Look who's back! It's Jade and Ben on another trek through a Paraiso forest. This one was a lot of fun to work on and it was one of those that just kinda, came together no problem. Normally backgrounds take way too much time and way to much motivation for me, but this one just sprung out of nowhere haha.

Anyways, Jade and Ben are off doing their thing again. The two were originally exploring the island with the balloon tethered around Jade's waste, providing a fun ride for Ben. Unfortunately, a few strong gusts of wind were enough to untie Jade's rope belt and through the tugs of a giant and strong wind, knock Ben out of the balloon. It looks like she's hearing something...but it's probably a little noisy next to the falls.

But even if Ben does end up stuck in a tree half-way across Paraiso, could you get mad at that big lovable giant face? haha

Oh, and I made a color variant of this that I really liked and almost posted instead of what's above. You can check it out here:

And while we're at it, here's the sketch lines just for funsies:
Hold Your Breath
Hey Everyone! Guess who finally found some time to paint! MEEEE! haha Remember that silhouette from a while back?  Well, I finally got to finish it. 

Kai and Ben love to hang out if you haven't figured that out. Today, Kai decided to help Ben learn to hold his breathe longer. They found a cozy, safe spot of the reef to have some breathe-holding lessons and even brought a tube along so Ben could breathe and not resurface all the time. Kai is a pretty encouraging coach, but this time, she took Ben's tube away. Holding your breathe is a lot harder when your mind is thinking hard about where your next breath is going to come from.

It's actually pretty peaceful hanging out below the surface of the shallows. Here was some mood music that helps set the ambiance.…

Let me know what you think! It's been a long time since I've fully painted a piece by hand (not cell shading) and I'm pretty excited with the result. :)


The Rules:

1- Post these Rules

2- Post 8 facts about your character

3- Tag 8 other characters

4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

(You can tag back if you'd like, just with a different character.)

I haven't written a blog in a long time so I thought this would be a fun topic to try out since I was tagged. I may tag a few people at the end and if I do, there's no pressure to write anything. But I wanted to extend this fun little meme to you in case you were interested. Anyways, let's see what facts I can dig up about the aqueous Jade.

  1.  Jade has been Ben's best friend since they were young. She was always there to encourage and support him through the roughest of times and did her best to keep him out of trouble. 

  2. Jade's hair has not always had it's lovely aqua tint. Her hair was naturally blonde until the accident occurred where she gained her water powers. Being the shy girl that she is, the distortion of her hair color really troubled Jade. It was not in Jades nature to stand out in the crowd and having hair that looked like she dyed it made her look as though she was seeking attention. On top of possessing strange new water powers, her newly colored hair took her a while to accept. 

  3. Jade is made up completely of H20 as a result of an accident that occurred while at sea with Ben. While she is able to resume her natural, human appearance, if you were to punch her hard enough, your hand just might go right through her. While this is a nice advantage if ever involved in a fight, Jade would still prefer to be normal. 

  4. Due to being made of water, Jade will absorb/merge with any fluid she comes into contact with. While she is able to resist absorbing water when she wants, she is not able to control her powers at all times. This can lead to further awkward situations for poor girl.

  5. Jade has no maximum size. As long as there is water to absorb, she can continue to grow indefinitely. Luckily for her, absorbing water is not instantaneous. So if she jumps into an ocean, she does not instantly become the size of all the waters in the ocean.

  6. Jades artistic design and direction was taken directly from the ocean, and the sun. Her hair is always drawn with a slight wave to it, her character resembles that of a calm, placid sea, yet she possesses the power and destructive capabilities of a stormy sea as well. Here long skirt is also used to help reference the long flowing motion of waves. Her necklace is a bit more obvious in its design as it represents water droplets, and alludes to the discord Jade deals with being a peaceful spirit harnessing a tremendous, and sometimes chaotic power. Her eyebrows also resemble raindrops when I draw them right ;) I could go on a good bit about my characters and their design details so I'll pause there. haha

  7. Jade can also become dehydrated. When the air is dry and she's not drinking, or if she loses a lot of water in another way, she can shrink to very small sizes.

  8. Jade and Kai get along quite well. Jade has actually used herself as a living aquarium which Kai has swam around in. I actually drew this image once, but, as with a lot of my art, never posted it... haha.
Anyways, there's some fun facts about the water gal Jade. If you wanna know more, I'm always up to answering questions about her. :) Also, I've always thought it would be fun to have Jade answer some questions herself through asks on my tumblr

So, here are some characters I'd like to learn more about:

:iconchibibiscuit:: Chibi! People are always asking to learn more about Takai. But I think it's time the little guy got some attention. I wanna know more about the myth, the legend... Chibi the Giant Conquerer

:iconsharkie19:: Vera or Noah! I love these two and really want to know about them. :)

:iconhedrick-cs:Irina Livinskaia! I love her design and wanna know more :)

:iconnutandjez:: Gamut! He looks like a fun guy :)

  • Listening to: The Little Mermaid Broadway, happy music ^.^
  • Reading: The New Man
  • Watching: The Office, Videogame Playthroughs, New Animes
  • Playing: Overwatch, Fallout 4, Forza Horizon, The Cave
  • Eating: Way too many sweets
  • Drinking: Water and delicious fruit punch


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United States
Hey there! My name is Bongo and thanks for visiting my page! I love to draw all sorts of things but lately I've been hooked on a universe I created called "Paraiso." Lately, that's what a lot of my drawing have been focused on.

I started drawing in middle school when I was bored in first period study hall. I guess I got hooked because here I am many years later.

Check out my gallery if you're feeling up to it. Oh, and don't forget to say hi! I love meeting other artists like you!



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